Fine Silver Enhancements

Select Plate, Antique or Colorized Fine Silver Coins POP!

To enhance the look of your fine silver coins, we offer Select Plating, Antiquing or Colorization. Select gold plating allows you to add gold to any specified raised area of the fine silver coin, leaving the natural metal color in the background. Antiquing highlights the fine silver coin’s intricate detail. Colorization reproduces faces and details that make the image pop off a fine silver coin. 

New custom dies only for these select plate, antique, and colorized silver coins. Select plating, antiquing or colorization must be placed at the time of order. Both 39mm and 2.50″ coins are tissue wrapped. To prevent tarnishing on fine silver coins, we HIGHLY recommend capsules (additional charge). Please handle coins by the edges if they’re not packed in capsules. 

Contact Sales for pricing information on Select Plate, Antique and Colorization Options on Fine Silver Coins