Nickel Silver Coins

The Look Of Fine Silver at a Fraction of the Cost with Nickel Silver Coins

Our custom nickel silver coins contain a heavyweight alloy made of a special blend of nickel, copper, and zinc. Although these custom silver tokens contain no precious metal, they’re bright silver in color, scratch-resistant, non-tarnishing and very durable. Osborne’s custom engraved coining dies give the custom silver tokens a level of detail unreachable in die cast or spin cast products.

An ideal coin to use for:

  • 25th Anniversaries
  • Promotional Items 
  • Service Awards
  • Safety Reminders
  • Gift Certificates

This bright nickel silver coin is economical and leaves the lasting impression of a silver dollar because of the material, size (1-1/2″) and weight.

Top off the presentation and enhance your nickel silver coins with one of our display and packaging options to make a really memorable gift.

Nickel silver coins are individually poly bagged. 

Nickel Silver Coin Pricing ($ per coin)

DiameterItem NumberGauge2505001,0002,5005,00010,000Set-Up
39mm (1-1/2")NS-935102.752.201.791.531.431.33Die Charges