Digitally Colorized Coins – 1 Side Colorized

Digitally Colorized Coins are a Winner (Colorized 1 Side)

Coins are more dramatic when digital color is added to enhance the design. Similar to color fill, our new digital colorization process allows you to add any color to your coin to create a one-of-a-kind lasting impression.  Digital colorization can be applied directly on the coin or on a raised design, giving the coin dimensionality. 

Unlike color fill, digital printing allows for readable QR codes, realistic color, gradients and fine lines to be printed on coins. Additionally, FACES and FINE DETAIL can now be shown on a digitally colorized coin. Metal show through is also an option for these custom color tokens. Colors can also be matched EXACTLY if a Pantone number is provided.

Every single custom coin can be personalized with variable copy or sequential numbers. For example – Limited Edition 0001, 0002 etc. or Expressly Made for David Martin.
Images/logos can be printed on any of our coin sizes listed below including golden brass, antique brass, nickel silver, copper, and fine (sterling) silver. The colored coin presentation can be enhanced with one of our display and/or packaging options, making these colorful coins truly memorable.

Digitally Colorized Coins Are Perfect For:

  • Giveaways
  • Wedding favors
  • Significant anniversaries
  • Events
  • Commemoratives
  • Souvenirs
  • Gift Certificates
  • Safety Coins
  • Challenge coins/Unit coins

For these custom color tokens, we can print on either a flat or die struck surface with gloss or matte coating. Please specify gloss or matte at the time of order. All digitally colorized coins are lacquered and any antique finish applied before printing. Coins are individually poly bagged.

Lead Time – Varies. Please call 800-488-2646 for lead time.



Digitally Colorized Coin Pricing (colorization on 1 side $/per coin). These prices DO NOT include the price of silver. Silver is priced per ounce and must be quoted separately by sales. Please call us at 800-488-2646 or contact us to get the current spot price of silver. 

MaterialDiameterGauge/ThicknessItem Number1002505001,0002,5005,00010,000Set-Up
Golden Brass1.250"14GO-450CN/A5.713.702.652.001.741.61Die Charges
Antique Brass1.250"14AB-450CN/A5.713.702.652.001.741.61Die Charges
Golden Brass34mm14GO-473CN/A5.743.712.792.131.931.81Die Charges
Antique Brass34mm14AB-473CN/A5.743.712.792.131.931.81Die Charges
Golden Brass39mm10GO-490CN/A6.784.703.492.842.582.44Die Charges
Antique Brass39mm10AB-490CN/A6.784.703.492.842.582.44Die Charges
Nickel Silver39mm10NS-953CN/A6.784.703.492.842.582.44Die Charges
Copper39mm10CO-490CN/A6.784.703.492.842.582.44Die Charges
Proof .999 Silver39mm10FS-5500C18.0012.3110.509.598.948.508.30Die Charges
Proof .999 Silver2.50"0.21"FS-5530C
43.7534.3830.6329.20QORQORQORDie Charges
BAM Medallion1.75"8AB-500C
17.2210.316.815.835.244.864.61Die Charges
BAM Medallion2.00"8AB-525C19.3813. Charges
BAM Medallion2.50"5AB-545C
34.9423.4418.6917.3815.4514.1713.64Die Charges
BAM Medallion3.00"5AB-560C38.2527.1924.1321.6320.2919.3318.74Die Charges