Copper Coins

Copper Coins Have an Intrinsic Value

Nothing is quite as beautiful as shiny copper coins. Copper is the only metal that can be used in its original form directly from the ground instead of extracting it from ore. Our coins are minted from copper sourced in the United States and have a minimum weight of 1 oz AVDP per coin. 
Osborne Coinage can create a completely custom coin or you can choose from a wide variety of our stock designs.  Copper coins are available in 1-1/2” (silver dollar size) and feel very substantial when held.  
Copper coins come packaged 20 per square tube. They are not lacquered and are sensitive to the oils on your fingers, so handle them with gloves or by the edges to avoid staining. We recommend storing in a sulfur-free environment, like pvc-free tubes, flips or capsules. 
Enhance your coins with one of our display and packaging options to make a really memorable gift.
SizeItem NumberGauge2505001,0002,5005,00010,000Set-Up
39mm (1-1/2")Copper0.12"$2.55$1.98$1.59$1.40$1.26$1.14Die Charges

Copper coins can be lacquered and/or packed in individual polybags upon request for no additional charge. This must be requested at the time of order.