Colored Aluminum Coins

Colored Coins Work!

Add a bright, permanent color coating to any aluminum coin to distinguish denominations or expiration dates.  The vibrant colored coins are lightweight and inexpensive, but attract attention as:

  • Parade Throws
  • Lottery Scratch Offs
  • Festival Souvenirs
  • Event Promotions

In addition to adding color, anodizing can be used to distinguish different denominations or expiration dates. Furthermore, it can also be used to tie in product packaging or team colors.

Easy form-ability lets us accurately reproduce your logo, marketing message or image and it never wears off. Osborne was the first to strike aluminum coins in 1892 and still is the largest producer of aluminum coins and Mardi Gras doubloons. 

Standard colors are Red, Blue, Green and Gold.  Additional colors are available, but exact matches can’t be provided.  Sizes range from 0.984” (quarter size) to 1-1/2” (similar to a half-dollar). Colored aluminum coins are bulk packed. 


Pricing ($ per coin)

DiameterItem NumberGauge1,0002,5005,00010,00025,000Set-Up
0.984"AN-217160.960.500.360.300.26Die Charges
1-1/8"AN-235160.960.510.400.330.27Die Charges
1-1/4"AN-250160.960.510.400.330.27Die Charges
1-3/8"AN-260160.980.560.430.360.30Die Charges
39mm (1/12")AN-285150.990.590.460.380.33Die Charges
39mm (1/12")AN-290121.090.690.510.430.38Die Charges