Challenge Coins

Challenge Coins Made 100% in the USA

The presentation of unit coins or challenge coins to recognize special achievements, commemorate the completion of basic training, or to denote unit membership is a military tradition dating back to World War I which continues today.  

Honor Flights across the United States present challenge coins as a memento to veterans who are visiting the memorials in our nation’s capital. Honor Flight Bluegrass from Kentucky presented our custom challenge coins to an amazing group of World War II veterans in June 2018. Here’s what they said:
Osborne was not the cheapest.  Another outfit was cheaper, but they would be made in China. It was presented as such to the whole board and it was a unanimous decision that we spend more money on the coins for those that save our country from tyranny.  It was felt it would be an insult not to use a company here in the USA. I am sure the quality is better as well. We just had a trip on June 5 and 6th and here is a video on what was accomplished.  Take pride that Osborne was part of the success of our mission to serve our veterans. Honor Flight Bluegrass Goes to Washington.  
US Presidents, including Presidents Clinton, Bush, and Obama, have handed out challenge coins since the 1990’s as gifts to visiting dignitaries or to commemorate historic summits and meetings. President Trump and Vice President Pence use custom challenge coins to commemorate important trips they’ve taken and to hand out to law enforcement, agents and servicemen.  
Our challenge coins are die struck from solid golden brass, antique bronze or nickel silver. Fine silver is also an option. Die striking allows for a heavier, more high quality product than die cast coins. Unlike color fill, our digital print process allows for realistic color, gradients and fine lines to be printed on coins. Metal show through is also an option. Colors can also be matched EXACTLY if a Pantone number is provided. Our challenge coins can have Made in America or Made in USA put on each one and are a source of pride for the recipients. 

Challenge Coin Pricing ($ per coin)

MaterialItem NumberGauge2505001,0002,5005,00010,000Set-Up
Golden BrassGO-490C104.884.002.752.752.752.38Die Charges
Antique BrassAB-490C104.884.002.752.752.752.38Die Charges
Nickel SilverNS-953C104.884.002.752.752.752.38Die Charges
Sterling SilverFS-5500C10QORQORQORQORQORQORDie Charges
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