39mm (1-1/2″) 15 Gauge Aluminum Coin

39mm (1-1/2″) 15 Gauge Aluminum Coin

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Catch Their Attention with Lightweight, Inexpensive Aluminum Custom Coins

Our aluminum custom coins are wonderful trade show promotional items or the perfect way to add big excitement to an event.  Solid metal coins convey greater value than plastic and wooden coins or tokens because they look and feel like money.

In addition, aluminum’s light weight is ideal for mass mailings or parade throws.

Osborne was the first to strike aluminum coins in 1892 and is still the largest producer of aluminum coins and Mardi Gras doubloons.

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It takes 2 dies to make a coin — one die per side. The prices shown are the same whether you strike one side or two sides. Aluminum coins are bulk packed. Save money by using stock dies for one side.

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