• Western Fair Celebrates Anniversary with Custom Coins

    Sometimes the best new ideas are old ideas that have been updated and tweaked.  That’s what the planning team for the 130th Anniversary of the Western Fair in London, Ontario found when they selected a commemorative coin to celebrate this momentous event. “Fifty years ago, the city of London gave away wooden nickels to celebrate the city’s Centennial” says Vic Soga, Purchasing Manager of the Western Fair Association.  So the Fair borrowed the idea, and had their logo and 130th Anniversary imprinted on a hefty brass coin.  “We wanted them to be as large as we could make them – ours is similar to the $2 dollar coin, but weighs […]

  • Treasure in the Mail Builds Buzz for National Conference

    Cincinnati, OH – Mutual Service Corporation used custom coins to tie-in their “Aruba” theme, and make their 2005 National Conference unforgettable for the 900 attendees.   New software they were promoting at the early May event, called Advisor OnLine codename “Project Aruba.”  A letter was sent to the attendees, promoting the software and how it would benefit their business.  The envelope also contained a custom aluminum coin bearing the name of the software and its codename (“Aruba”).  The letter also directed them to bring their coins to the round table discussion, for a chance to win a prize. Two of the coins had been painted gold, mixed into the rest of […]

  • Custom Coins Motivate Safe Practices in Plant-wide Safety Program

    Cincinnati, OH – Custom coins have proven to be an integral part of plant safety programs. Plant employees who are found to be operating safely are given a custom reward coin bearing the company logo on the front and a Safety message on the rear. After amassing a number of safety coins, employees can trade them in for other prizes. In addition to motivating individual safe practices, custom coins and medallions are also used to reward departments or whole plants for reaching Safety milestones (for example attaining a specific number of days without a lost-time accident).    Inexpensive tokens form the basis of continuity programs when they are used to reward […]

  • Get Healthy Alt Tag

    Wellness Program Pays Instant Dividends for Metro Industries

    Cincinnati, OH – When Metro Industries in Wilkes Barre, PA launched their health awareness program they hoped that good things would happen.  But like any long-term, behavior-changing program, they figured that they payoff would be months – if not years – down the road.    “The goal is to incent people to adopt healthy habits” says Benefits Manager Kim Graham.  While that is indeed happening, the program has been extremely successful in the short term as well.  In fact, for at least one employee it was a real life-saver.  That’s because when the company arranged for a mobile ultrasound service to perform carotid artery and thyroid scans, one employee was a […]

  • Aluminum Coin Giveaway

    Coast Guard gives away thousands of coins to commemorate Training Ship. New London, CT-May 5, 2001-The Barque Eagle, America’s Tall Ship and the pride of the U.S. Coast Guard’s training ships, sailed into various ports along the eastern seaboard. Those greeting the ship were treated to a beautifully-crafted custom commemorative coin depicting the Barque Eagle in full sail. The coin, which reads U.S. Coast Guard, America’s Tall Ship on one side, also has 1-800-Get-USCG and on the reverse side. “The Coast Guard needed something lightweight that showed the clarity of the ships, yet at a decent price to be able to hand out to a mass number of people.” […]