• Nativity School Lights the Way for International Visitors and Other Dignitaries

    Cincinnati, OH – The Church of the Nativity is a parish with a unique Catholic elementary school in the City of Cincinnati, with global ties through their international student exchange program.  School and parish administrators see international travel (and the hosting of exchange students) not only as a way to prepare students to participate in the global community, but also as a way to “light the way” for others through their God-centered daily activities.  Since the program’s inception in 1980, Nativity has worked with schools in 22 different countries to provide this global experience for their students.  Now, those students who visit this unique school from abroad take home rich […]

  • Upscale New York Restaurant Dresses Up Gift Certificate Program with Custom Medallions

    Cincinnati, OH – Bobby Mallozzi has seen a lot of changes in the way that restaurants administer gift certificates over the years.  So when he opened the Brown Derby Restaurant in Albany, New York last year, he applied all of that knowledge to devise a unique gift certificate program using custom coins.  Even though the cost of the coins is greater than the traditional plastic swipe cards he’s used in the past, Mallozzi is thrilled with the results – and the excitement that the custom coins have generated. Not the Same Old Thing The Brown Derby is an upscale, white table cloth restaurant in Albany, New York which is affiliated […]

  • Are Custom Tokens a Better Incentive than Cash for Non-Profit Fundraising?

    Cincinnati, OH – While there is no secret formula that assures success in direct mail fundraising efforts, most non-profit managers would agree that there are some basic elements to consider.  There is the cover letter of course, the reply device and reply envelope, and typically a premium of some sort to reward or incent the respondent.  All of this is packaged into a carrier envelope.  Often the premium is cash – a quarter or a pair of dimes, maybe even a dollar bill.  In a tough economy non-profit fundraising is harder than ever – so there may be pressure to look at premiums.  Switching from cold hard cash to custom […]

  • Guardian Angel Coins Solidify Sunday School Message

      Cincinnati, OH – Parma Boyle knows the power of a good idea.  As the Director of Religious Education at Our Lady of the Lake Catholic Church in Cropwell, AL, Boyle is responsible for the “Sunday School” program for 150 students from kindergarten through 12th grade.  She understands that sometimes, after a full week of traditional school, some students would rather sleep in or play hoops, or “veg out” with a video game.  But a good idea can keep them interested, stir discussion – during and after class – and maybe even create new habits.  Above all, a good idea cements the lesson so that it is remembered long after […]

  • Custom Key Chains a Topical Reminder of a Tropical Paradise

    Cincinnati, OH – Fisher Island is a destination unlike any other in North America.  Nestled beside Miami, FL this tropical paradise was once owned by William Kissam Vanderbilt – who built a stunning Mediterranean-style mansion in 1925 for lavish entertaining.  The state mansion was then encircled with lush landscaping, gracious guest houses, tennis courts, swimming pools and a 9-hole golf course.  Two deep water marinas, with slips reserved for members and guests, accommodate yachts up to 250 in length.  Today, the property has been restored to its original grandeur and is a world-class private island residential community and exclusive club.  Members and guests – including a long list of celebrities […]

  • Custom Coins Break Through Coupon Clutter to Deliver Sales

    Cincinnati, OH – As any marketing 101 student will tell you, during tough economic times consumers do not stop forming impressions about companies – they merely slow down their buying of goods and services.  Rather than trying the same old marketing efforts and hoping for new results, companies which use memorable marketing and promotional efforts are more likely to be rewarded when consumers do make purchases.  That is especially true when it comes to gift certificates which are fast becoming the gift of choice for family, friends and acquaintances. Increasingly companies seeking memorable promotions are finding success with an idea which is not new and revolutionary, but tried and true […]

  • Custom Coins Provide Security for Restaurant Gift Certificate Programs

    Cincinnati, OH – Custom coins can be minted in various “denominations” and used as gift certificates to provide a safe and memorable means of promoting restaurants and dining establishments.  Unlike plastic cards which can be inexpensively cloned, custom coins are virtually impossible to replicate – making them much safer (and ultimately more profitable) when used for gift certificate programs.  In addition, custom gift coins are distinctive and memorable, so they have a greater “WOW” factor than coupons or plastic cards. Because of their heft and perceived value, custom coins are rarely discarded – so even if they are not redeemed, they provide branding power unmatched from other gift certificate programs. […]

  • New Custom Brass Coins are Marketing Gold For The American Fitness Institute

    Cincinnati, OH – When was the last time someone called you to ask for more of your business cards because they’ve been giving them out to your prospects?  If you are like most of us, this rarely, if ever happens.  This is one reason that Evan Chacker of American Fitness Institute (AFI) knows that he’s hit on a great idea.   His business cards are custom coins with his company logo and web site on one side and his likeness on the other.  And yes, he really does have customers call him for more. “We get requests like that pretty often,” says Chacker who purchased 5000 of the custom coins about […]

  • Schedule Coins

    Schedule Coins & Key Chains Promote Team Spirit While Offering Fundraising Opportunities

    Cincinnati, OH – Osborne Coinage Co., produces custom coins and key chains with sporting schedules on them to promote team spirit and game awareness.  Perfect for schools, booster organizations, club teams, and more, these team coins & key chains include ample room on one side to include all pre-season and regular season games, as well as tournaments. The opposite side of the sports coin can be minted with another team schedule, the school or club logo for branding purposes, or the logo of a sponsor for fundraising purposes.  These coins and key chains can be updated season after season, making them great collector’s items for players, fans and enthusiasts.  These […]

  • Custom Coins Spread Motivational Messages and Provide Unique Introduction for Promotional Products Company

      Cincinnati, OH – Terry and Marilyn Peak developed a memorable, distinctive way to spread a motivational/inspirational message while promoting their promotional products company at the same time.   They had custom coins imprinted with their logo on one side as well as the message “Put the power in your pocket.  Feel the power in your hand.”  The reverse side of the motivational coin is imprinted with “Ask. Believe. Receive.” Everyone that they encounter receives a motivational coin. In just 6 weeks, the Peaks have passed out nearly 1000 of the 5000 bright gold coins that they purchased.  “They create conversation, they create thought, people are happy to have them,” says […]

  • Gold Doubloons Create a Splash for Pirate Book Promotion

    Cincinnati, OH – Pam Henn wanted a memorable promotion for the upcoming launch of her second-in-a-series children’s book, The Secret of Smuggler’s Cove.  And what could be a more fitting for a pirate-themed book than gold pirate doubloons! So she had custom gold colored coins minted with her artwork on the front and the likenesses of characters Nick & Slim on the reverse. The response was enthusiastic.  “People were amazed at the size and weight of the coins – they look and feel like gold” says Henn.  “We had 2000 promotional coins made, and distributed 1500 at the London Book Fair.” Creating a good impression was important, so the weight […]