• Custom Coins Enable Lyndon State College to Reward Community Involvement

    Sometimes it is hard to motivate college students to look beyond the textbooks and the parties to the community of which they are a part.  Lyndon State College in rural Lyndonville, Vermont tried some old fashioned rewards – with impressive results.  Custom reward coins which serve as “Community Cash” are the cornerstone of the rewards program – the Coins redeemed for raffle prizes at an end-of-semester “Casino Night.” Community Cash coins were awarded to students who took part in community events and programs, like residence hall educational and social programs, campus or community service events, or “whenever students were spotted living the LSC promise” says Leo Sevigny, Associate Dean of […]

  • Silver Dollar Fair Coins

    Silver Dollar Fair Promotes $1 Off Admission with Custom Coins

    Silver Dollar Fair Lives Up to Its Name (Cincinnati, OH) – Current residents of Chico, California can’t imagine a year without their beloved Silver Dollar Fair anymore than they can imagine it going by any other name. Turns out, the notoriety of the fair and its name go hand in hand— and it all comes down to the silver dollar. The fair hasn’t always enjoyed such support from the community. For decades, the fair was on again off again—canceled due to gambling, financial issues, or general lack of interest. In the 1950’s, local merchants began pulling their support once and for all, noting a lack of business generated by the […]

  • Columbus Crew Celebrates MLS Championship with Some Serious Coin

    Cincinnati, OH – Championship seasons are rare and need to be celebrated.  That is true from the pee-wee leagues all the way through the professional ranks.  And when a major league team wins the championship for the first time ever – well, then the celebration is really something special. So as the Columbus Crew claimed Major League Soccer’s highest prize – the MLS Cup – Tim Macy with one of the Crew’s MLS licensees, On Target Brand Merchandise, was already thinking ahead to the next season.  More specifically, he was planning on how the Crew could commemorate this momentous event and reward loyal fans for their season-long patronage. “The team […]

  • Digitally Colorized Safety Coins

    Osborne Coinage Company (Cincinnati, OH) is now able to print 4-color process directly onto a coin surface, allowing each individual safety coin to be customized or personalized with site-specific hazards, making them ideal for safety programs. With digital colorization, it’s possible to print readable QR codes, realistic color (including skin tones), gradients and fine lines onto coins. Logos and images, including faces and fine detail, can be clearly shown, and metal show-through is also an option. Colors can be matched exactly to a PMS number. Every colorized coin can be personalized with variable copy, such as individual names, or sequential numbering. Digital colorization is available on 39 mm (1.54-inch) coins […]

  • Custom Coins Offer Branding Power

    Cincinnati, Ohio–Osborne Coinage announces custom branded coins are available. They can be used for free or “buy-one-get-one-free” admissions, discounts for admission, concessions, free drinks, and camp store merchandise. Because they have a perceived value, custom coins are unlikely to be discarded–giving them branding power. Coins can be minted with facility name and logo, Web site, phone number, and marketing message. Hundreds of stock designs are also available in metallurgies and quantities to suit any promotional project.  

  • Custom Coins An Ideal Memento and Souvenir for Parks & Recreational Facilities

    (Cincinnati, OH)   Custom coins from Osborne Coinage Company are an ideal way to commemorate an anniversary for parks and recreational facilities of all sorts and sizes.  With a high perceived value, these unique souvenir coins are high on the “wow” factor. They are sure to be appreciated by partners, vendors, associates and others associated with the operations and maintenance of the facilities.  The coins can also be sold as souvenirs in gift shops and online, thus generating cash flow to assist the operating budget.  In addition to anniversaries, custom coins can commemorate momentous events like the opening of new areas, trails, pavilions, attractions, exhibits, and more.  Custom coins can also […]

  • Mortenson safety coins

    Mortenson Celebrates Zero Injuries with Custom Coins

    Large-scale construction projects are inherently dangerous, even with proper safety measures in place. So, when companies complete these projects with zero injuries, it is cause for celebration. Minneapolis-based Mortenson Construction has found a way to celebrate this achievement and incent team-members to continue to practice safe behavior on future projects – personalized Safety Coins. As Safety Manager for Mortenson, Cody Davidowski knows first-hand how important it is to incent and then reward safe practices on the job site. He’s found some success with more traditional giveaways – hats, t-shirts, and other small tokens of appreciation. But he was intrigued with the idea of military coins, imprinted with the battalion or […]

  • Cypress Cove Celebrates Golden Anniversary with Custom Coins…Naturally

    A thirty-minute drive south of Walt Disney World, Sea World, and Universal Studios, a different world altogether awaits vacationers looking to relax “just as nature intended.” Cypress Cove Nudist Resort & Spa offers 300 acres of protected wetland, a lake, a residential community, campground and R.V. park, as well as 84 hotel rooms for clothes-free vacationers from around the world.  Recently, Cypress Cove celebrated their 50th Anniversary. In order to properly commemorate 50 years of “enjoying life naturally,” the owners ordered 1,000 custom minted coins from Mark Vaughan of their “go-to” advertising specialty supplier Match-Up Promotions. Cypress Cove officials wanted to do something unique to celebrate the individuality of the […]

  • Custom Coins & Key Chains Keep Small Class Graduates Grounded in Faith

    Cincinnati, OH – Participants who complete the Hope Church small group class entitled Faithful & True receive a tangible reminder of their accomplishment.  Pastor Steve Lizzio had custom coins and key chains imprinted which participants receive at the conclusion of the 13-week program on sexuality and the sexualized culture we live in.  The coins – built upon the tradition of “challenge coins” in the military service – help to create a sense of unit and cohesion with other class members.  Participants appreciate the gesture and even more so, the tangible reminder that they are not alone in their struggles. One of the group leaders, Paul Leland, who recently travelled to […]

  • TANKS for the Memories – Transit Authority Celebrates Opening of 143 Year Old Bridge with New Lightweight Trolleys

    Cincinnati, OH – Long term maintenance of roadways can be a real nuisance – causing routes to be diverted and schedules changed.  When that roadway is bridge – and the maintenance work is accompanied by weight restrictions, well the headache can get worse.  But officials at the Transit Authority of Northern Kentucky saw this as an opportunity to re-christen the route with better service at a lower price – in new distinctive vehicles.  And they topped it off with a bridge re-opening – a momentous event for all to remember – complete with commemorative coins to remember the occasion (which were as unique as the project itself). To help kick […]