• Challenge Coin

    Challenge Coins and a Splash of Color

    Challenge Coins Offer a Unique Colorization Opportunity   Our digital colorization capabilities are unmatched in the industry.  We can color the entire coin, parts of the coin and both sides if desired.  Our skilled craftsmen and designers can even place a picture that is not part of the minted piece, directly on the round. This art on coins becomes even more complex when considering the size of the canvas.  The rounds we can colorize vary from 2.50” down to 1.25” in diameter, not a lot of space to paint The Last Supper.  Placing real-world colors on these collectibles increase their level of uniqueness and desirability.    These colored rounds make […]

  • Back the Blue stock design

    “Back the Blue” – a Stock Design Showing Support for Law Enforcement

    Osborne Coinage debuts their newest collectible stock design: “Back The Blue”, dedicated to showing support for law enforcement. Osborne Coinage has manufactured Made in America minted collectibles since 1835 from their private mint in Cincinnati, Ohio.  With thousands of designs and millions of pieces struck, Osborne Coinage is now paying homage to the men and women in blue with a new stock design – “Back the Blue”. These men and women are collectively known as the “Thin Blue Line” standing between order and lawlessness.  The police motto “To Protect and Serve” emphasizes the very personification and embodiment of this noble profession.  The latest design, “Back The Blue”, honors the sacrifices […]

  • Font Size examples on a 1.54" coin

    How Small is Too Small When it Comes to Coin Text Size?

    How Small is Too Small When it Comes to Coin Text Size? Osborne’s custom coins range in size from 0.984″ (slightly larger than a quarter) to 3.00″. Our most popular is 1.54″ or about the size of a silver dollar. The size of the coin influences how big the text can be, as does the image on the coin. It’s important to determine what’s important when you design a coin – is the image more salient than the text, is the text a dominant part of the design or an after thought, are the text and the image equally important? These are things to think about when you visualize your […]

  • How to Tell the Difference Between Page Turn and Coin Turn

    Telling the difference between page turn and coin turn can be done simply and easily with the change in your wallet.  Coin Turn Using a US quarter as an example, hold it between your thumb and 1st finger so that George Washington and the text (the obverse in coin lingo) is right side up and pretend there’s a line or string going down through the coin from top to bottom, similar to an axis. Now take your other hand and spin the coin from right to left on that axis, WITHOUT letting go of it. The back side (or reverse) should be facing you and it should be upside down. […]

  • Multiple Finish Options with 1 Pair of Dies

    How Dies are Used in the Coin Making Process One of the benefits of die struck coins is that the same pair of dies can be used with different metals and finishes can be applied, giving a coin a whole new look. Thus, multiple finish options with 1 pair of dies. Coins are made with two dies – one die per side. Dies are round “blocks” of hardened metal with a flat top and a base shaped to lock into a coining press. The final image for the coin is cut – IN REVERSE – into the flat top of the die. The image can be 2 dimensional, multi-dimensional or […]

  • What’s the Difference Between Plain and Reeded Coin Edges?

    Learn the Difference Between Plain and Reeded Edge Coins All coins have an edge. If you pull out the change in your pocket or wallet, you’ll notice that some of the edges are smooth, like on a penny or a nickel, and some have little ridges (or reeds) like on a dime or a quarter.  Custom coins are no different. When we mint coins, a blank metal disc is dropped into a collar. A collar  is a ring that keeps the metal from squirting out the sides with it is struck with the tons of force needed to produce a die struck coin. The inside edge of the collar can […]

  • American Indian Chief Collectible Coins circa 1979

    My Silver American Indian Chiefs Set My father bought me a series of collectible pure silver rounds back in 1979 as a gift. I remember him saying to me, “If the price of silver goes up, you may be able to use these to put a down payment on a house.” WOW how times have changed, even at $48/ounce I am not sure the Native American coin set would work as a down payment. Each of these collectible rounds are 1 ounce, .999 fine silver and feature famous American Indian Leaders. The American Indian Leaders Historic Medal Collection has 48 rounds, complete with a wooden display/storage box and a series of individualized […]

  • Catholic Relief Services angel

    Custom Coins in Direct Mail Outreach Increases Responses and Donations – Updated 2020 Results

      2020 Direct Mail Results from 5 Different Non-Profits   Acquisition Mailing – 14 years and still THE control Catholic Relief Services 2005 test using shiny brass plated steel (BPS) at .984” diameter…….5,000,000 mailed Enlarged color picture of medallion on OSE. ‘ANGEL MEDALLION INSIDE….DO NOT SHRED’ 10% increase in response against control 5% higher donations realized   Prospect mailing National Museum of the American Sailor 2018 test using shiny brass plated steel (BPS) at .984” diameter …………….40,000 mailed On the OSE: DO NOT SHRED OR DISCARD!  Your Founding Sponsor Medallion Enclosed 31% increase in response rate against control With NO coin, only realized 1.49% response rate NET = 55% increase […]

  • Replacing US Currency in a Direct Mail Package

    A Direct Mail US Currency Alternative   In mid-June, the Federal Reserve started limiting the allocation of US coins due to the Covid-19 pandemic.  Pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, half dollars and even full dollar coins are in extremely short supply. This is an unheard of moment in our country’s recent history where US coins are being rationed, not seen since the rationing of coinage during WWII to better utilize the metal for the war effort. The Feds have even set up a US Coin Task Force to ensure equitable distribution of Federal Reserve coin inventory and new coin production by the US Mint.  But all of this isn’t helping the […]

  • Copper and Copper Alloys Kill Corona Viruses

    Copper and Copper Alloys are Effective in the Fight Against Covid-19 and Other Viruses As we’ve all learned, the Corona Virus can live for hours, if not DAYS on surfaces like kitchen counters, door knobs and railings. These are surfaces that, depending on their location, could be touched by hundreds of people or more a day. Yes, cleaning regularly and thoroughly is a valid option, but what if there was a material that could be used that KILLED the virus, and you didn’t have to do anything to it? That material/metal exists – it is copper and copper alloys. The antimicrobial properties of copper have been noted since at the […]

  • “Thank You” Coins for First Responders and Essential Employees

    Can You See the Light at the End of the Tunnel?  That is the question everyone here at Osborne Mint and Osborne Coinage is asking.  Is it time to return to our offices, time we go out and grab a lunch or is it time to just visit with friends and family?  The past two plus months have certainly been interesting, who would have ever predicted it?  I can speak from my experience that when the news of coronavirus first came out, I did not believe we would be sheltered in place for more than sixty days, that we would be teaching and working only from home and that it […]

  • Political Coins

    How Best to Decide the Next Democratic Presidential Candidate.

    How Best To Decide the Democratic Presidential Nominee – Flip a COIN! Osborne Coin has commissioned a series of politically charged coins to help conclude what party, what side of the issue and who to vote for – making the decision process as easy as flipping a coin or in this case “spinning a coin.” Cincinnati, Ohio, Feb. 25, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — With more than 184 years of minting history, Osborne Coinage is the oldest privately owned and operated mint in America.  Over the years, Osborne Coinage has crafted political campaign buttons for Abraham Lincoln, and eight other presidential candidates, including Ulysses S. Grant and Franklin D. Roosevelt, and celebratory “challenge coins” […]