• Copper and Copper Alloys Kill Corona Viruses

    Copper and Copper Alloys are Effective in the Fight Against Covid-19 and Other Viruses As we’ve all learned, the Corona Virus can live for hours, if not DAYS on surfaces like kitchen counters, door knobs and railings. These are surfaces that, depending on their location, could be touched by hundreds of people or more a day. Yes, cleaning regularly and thoroughly is a valid option, but what if there was a material that could be used that KILLED the virus, and you didn’t have to do anything to it? That material/metal exists – it is copper and copper alloys. The antimicrobial properties of copper have been noted since at the […]

  • “Thank You” Coins for First Responders and Essential Employees

    Can You See the Light at the End of the Tunnel?  That is the question everyone here at Osborne Mint and Osborne Coinage is asking.  Is it time to return to our offices, time we go out and grab a lunch or is it time to just visit with friends and family?  The past two plus months have certainly been interesting, who would have ever predicted it?  I can speak from my experience that when the news of coronavirus first came out, I did not believe we would be sheltered in place for more than sixty days, that we would be teaching and working only from home and that it […]

  • Political Coins

    How Best to Decide the Next Democratic Presidential Candidate.

    How Best To Decide the Democratic Presidential Nominee – Flip a COIN! Osborne Coin has commissioned a series of politically charged coins to help conclude what party, what side of the issue and who to vote for – making the decision process as easy as flipping a coin or in this case “spinning a coin.” Cincinnati, Ohio, Feb. 25, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — With more than 184 years of minting history, Osborne Coinage is the oldest privately owned and operated mint in America.  Over the years, Osborne Coinage has crafted political campaign buttons for Abraham Lincoln, and eight other presidential candidates, including Ulysses S. Grant and Franklin D. Roosevelt, and celebratory “challenge coins” […]

  • LIncoln die and coin

    Osborne Coinage – A Legacy of Minting Success

    In Mint Condition Osborne Coinage strikes millions of coins, tokens, medallion and numismatic quality silver and copper rounds every year.  In the last century, politicians often relied on the company to produce the inexpensive coins they gave away on the campaign trail. Abraham Lincoln needed Osborne’s help as he wrestled with the beard-or-no-beard question in 1864, during his second presidential campaign.  “He couldn’t decide how he was going to run, with or without the beard, so he had us make two sets (of coin dies) showing him each way,″ Jeff Stegman, CEO,  said. Both sets of dies still sit in the company vault. Osborne also made campaign coins for eight other presidential […]

  • In Mint Condition

    PPB/December 2019/Factory Floor—Osborne Coinage Co.   In Mint Condition Osborne Coinage Co., America’s oldest private mint, continues to creates custom coins with a rich history and tangibility that have stood the test of time and tech.   By Danielle Renda   President Abraham Lincoln is arguably one of America’s most recognized and well-known presidents. This isn’t only because of his steadfast leadership during the Civil War and his progressive movement to emancipate slaves, or even that he was the tallest president to date, standing at six-foot-four inches; it’s because of his beard. Lincoln, who was also the first bearded president, had a distinct appearance that distinguished him from the other […]

  • Catholic Relief Services angel

    Using Custom Coins in Direct Mail Outreach Increases Responses and Donations

      2019 Direct Mail Results from 4 Different Non-Profits   Acquisition Mailing…….14 years and still THE control – Catholic Relief Services 2005 test using shiny brass plated steel (BPS) at .984” diameter…….5,000,000 mailed Enlarged color picture of medallion on OSE. ‘ANGEL MEDALLION INSIDE….DO NOT SHRED’ 10% increase in response against control 5% higher donations realized   Prospect mailing – National Museum of the American Sailor 2018 test using shiny brass plated steel (BPS) at .984” diameter …………….40,000 mailed On the OSE: DO NOT SHRED OR DISCARD!  Your Founding Sponsor Medallion Enclosed 31% increase in response rate against control With NO coin, only realized 1.49% response rate NET = 55% increase in […]

  • MacCoins

    Big Mac MacCoins Anniversary Campaign Wins a Prestigious Golden Lion Award

    Big Mac 50th Anniversary Campaign Wins a 2019 Golden Lion for Excellence in PR Why is this work relevant for PR? When was the last time a branded product anniversary became a global phenomenon AND drove sales? Just like the Big Mac had become a part of culture, so did the MacCoin. And we did it with an earned media-only program. We didn’t have new news, celebrities, commercials or print ads. Zero paid media. With the Big Mac coin promotion, we created something unique and so original that people across the globe carried our story for us. Background Story In 2018, McDonald’s most iconic sandwich, the Big Mac, was turning […]

  • Armstrong Space Museum commemorative coin

    Amstrong Air & Space Museum Commemorates 50th Moon Landing Anniversary with Custom Silver Coins

    Apollo 11 50th Anniversary Silver Coins Minted The 2019 Celebration Committee has commissioned a one ounce fine silver coin to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the Apollo 11 Mission to the moon. The front of the coin shows Neil Armstrong stepping onto the lunar surface and the reverse shows the Armstrong Air & Space Museum in Wapakoneta. “Among the series of 50th Anniversary collectibles, this will be the premium item,” explained Rachel Barber, co-chair of the Celebration Committee. The silver commemorative coin is packaged in a blue velour case with the 50th Anniversary logo printed on the interior of the lid. “We believe this is the special item people will want […]

  • Caravan Facilities Management “Cleans Up” With Safety Coins

    (Cincinnati, OH) Keeping safety “top of mind” is important in any industry. For Caravan FM the challenge is heightened because workers are spread across more than 70  sites and are involved in a large variety of tasks. Despite the challenge, this Saginaw, MI  based facility management company has found an interesting way to develop a culture of safety that engages all employees while improving their safety metrics. Caravan FM is in the business of facility management. They are responsible for the cleaning and upkeep of many automotive and other facilities. They clean offices, machinery, facilities— you name it, and they’ve likely cleaned it somewhere along the line. In a nutshell, they handle all sorts […]

  • Custom Coins Commemorate New Bridge Opening

    Cincinnati, OH – The opening of the new William R. Bennet Bridge which connects the city of Kelowna with the newly formed municipality of Westside was a major event for the citizens of British Columbia.   Described as the centerpiece of a revitalized road network in the Okanagan Lake region, the new 5-lane bridge relieves congestion along Highway 97 and accommodates an average of 46,000 vehicles a day.  The 2 additional lanes will fuel further growth in the regional economy – especially the signature tourism industry – so that by 2017 the bridge is expected to carry an average of 69,000 vehicles per day.  Naturally, city planners wanted to commemorate the […]

  • Journey to Bethlehem a Tradition for Texas Church

    Cincinnati, OH – Nearby sounds of goats braying and cattle lowing are nearly drowned out by the din of commerce as visitors to the marketplace haggle.  Vendor and visitor spar over the price of earthenware pots and handmade leather satchels.  The next stall suddenly emits a puff of smoke and steam as sizzling kebobs – now deemed ready for sale and consumption – are removed from their grill.  The layered aromas from the grill blend with the sweet-smelling hay in an attempt to mitigate the pungent haze from an incense vendor several stalls to the left. The din of the marketplace – complete with shekel coins changing hands and being […]

  • Custom Coins Answer the Call for Church of the Nazarene General Assembly

      With their quadrennial General Assembly approaching, officials from Sunday School & Discipleship Ministries International (SDMI) at the Nazarene Global Ministry Center in Lenexa, Kansas, were looking for a giveaway that would be memorable, but not break the bank. They wanted to draw attention to the church’s mission – which, in a word, is discipleship – and they were searching for a tangible reminder they could give to General Assembly attendees visiting their booth. They wanted a token that would make people think “discipleship” each time they saw it. While it had to be memorable and effective, the memento also had to fit into a tight budget. Custom minted coins […]