Political Coins

Political Coins Reinforce Your Message

Osborne Coinage traces their political coin impact back to the 1860’s when we made political medallions for Abraham Lincoln’s Presidential campaign. Showing support for a cause, politician, or political party was important then and is just as important now.  

Continue the tradition and use personalized political tokens for your next political rally, political demonstration, march, protest or political campaign. Whatever your cause, we can make a personalized political token to commemorate your event, hand out at a rally, build excitement for an upcoming march, or show affiliation with a group.


Political coins can be funny, subversive, supportive, meaningful or irreverent. Our selection of stock political tokens express frustration at the current administration or political party in charge, show affiliation to a particular political party or group, or support an ideological position. 

Why political coins? Campaign coins are never thrown away because they look like money. They’re permanently imprinted with your political message and serve as a reminder every time they’re seen. What better way to remind someone of a cause near and dear to their heart?

If you’re interested in creating custom group coins for your organization, we can do that too.

100% Made in the USA.