Custom Die Charges

Die charges are per side and are in addition to the coin/keytag prices shown.  A combination of techniques is used to faithfully recreate your design in metal. Our engraving charges cover only a portion of the overall cost of producing working dies,  therefore we retain title and possession of all dies and preparatory work.  Dies can be shipped to the customer for a payment of 30% of the original die cost. 

One pre-production proof of new Multi-Level (ML) and Deep Relief (DR)  style dies is furnished at no additional charge.

Single Level Raised-Line Logos, Trademarks and Caricatures. Everything in the design is raised to the same level. 2 dimensional effect. Paper proof only for SL dies.

The Beacon art

ItemDie StylePrice
Coin/Key TagSingle Level (SL)$210-$245
BAM MedallionSingle Level (SL)$340-$600

Low Relief, Multiple Level Designs with slight detail modeling. Crests, simple buildings and scenes. 3 dimensional effect.

Hotel Utah artwork

ItemDie StylePrice
Coin/Key TagMulti Level$315-$600
BAM LineMulti Level$450-$800

Full Sculpted Deep Relief. Buildings or scenes with a great amount of detail. Busts and Portraits.

Rubin art

ItemDie StylePrice
Coin/Key TagDeep Relief$500-$800
BAM LineDeep ReliefContact for Quote