Custom Coins Motivate Safe Practices in Plant-wide Safety Program

Cincinnati, OH – Custom coins have proven to be an integral part of plant safety programs. Plant employees who are found to be operating safely are given a custom reward coin bearing the company logo on the front and a Safety message on the rear. After amassing a number of safety coins, employees can trade them in for other prizes.

In addition to motivating individual safe practices, custom coins and medallions are also used to reward departments or whole plants for reaching Safety milestones (for example attaining a specific number of days without a lost-time accident).    Inexpensive tokens form the basis of continuity programs when they are used to reward departments or teams for attaining safety goals – perhaps hours without a lost-time accident as measured in 500-hour increments.  In other programs, inexpensive tokens are distributed to plant employees and carried around as a daily reminder (and incentive) to work safely.  Supervisors can challenge workers to show their safety coins – successfully doing so then earns the employee additional prizes. Carrying the safety tokens and viewing it with other “pocket change” serves as an ongoing reminder, and motivates employees to adhere to safe work practices.  Random checks and rewards reinforce the message.


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