Custom Coins in Direct Mail Outreach Increases Responses and Donations – Updated 2020 Results


2020 Direct Mail Results from 5 Different Non-Profits


Acquisition Mailing – 14 years and still THE control

Catholic Relief Services

  • 2005 test using shiny brass plated steel (BPS) at .984” diameter…….5,000,000 mailed
  • Enlarged color picture of medallion on OSE. ‘ANGEL MEDALLION INSIDE….DO NOT SHRED’
  • 10% increase in response against control
  • 5% higher donations realized


Prospect mailing

National Museum of the American Sailor

  • 2018 test using shiny brass plated steel (BPS) at .984” diameter …………….40,000 mailed
  • On the OSE: DO NOT SHRED OR DISCARD!  Your Founding Sponsor Medallion Enclosed
  • 31% increase in response rate against control
  • With NO coin, only realized 1.49% response rate
  • NET = 55% increase in response rate over the NO coin option


Direct Response Campaign (Acquisition and Back End Premium)

The Statue of Liberty Ellis Island Foundation 

  • 2017 & 2018 mailings using large golden brass coins at 1.50” diameter………7,500 mailed (3 executions)
  • Offered at $35 each.
  • 38% of donors gave exactly $35……10% gave MORE than a single $35 gift, so they could receive more than one medallion……….69% of all donors gave within the ‘medallion range’ of $35 to $249.
  • At the $250 level, a .999 Fine Silver, colorized medallion was offered.
  • Net = Multiple mailings using a custom golden brass medallion achieved a positive net result


Direct Response Campaign (Commemorative Back End Premium)

Wildlife SOS

  • Out of 3 premiums offered at $12.00 threshold, (coin, socks & plush toy), 60% chose RAJU The Elephant medallion.
    • 1-1/2” diameter in textured, high relief antique brass
  • Monthly donor mailing was targeted at NEW clients – the medallion was a major contributor in realizing NEW donors.


2020 Updates

Direct Response Campaign (Commemorative Back End Premium)

  • 6 years and counting – premium for a national fraternal organization, using 1.54″ diameter, solid antiqued brass medallions.
  • 80,000 pieces were mailed, 14,000 used the medallion.
  • 9.1% response rate, realizing a $25 average gift with NO medallion vs. a 14.5% response rate WITH the medallion, realizing a $61 average gift!
  • There was a 59% INCREASE in response rate over the no coin option. a 144% INCREASE in the average gift


Coin Affixing – Increase Efficiency & Decrease Downtown > Compared to actual US Currency > Testimonial

“Our first test with Osborne Coin could not have gone any better. The custom mail coins that we ordered look amazing and ran extremely well on our coin affixing machines. We are seeing positive results from our first test and looking forward to working with them on our retest!”

Kevin L.


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