• Copper and Copper Alloys Kill Corona Viruses

    Copper and Copper Alloys are Effective in the Fight Against Covid-19 and Other Viruses As we’ve all learned, the Corona Virus can live for hours, if not DAYS on surfaces like kitchen counters, door knobs and railings. These are surfaces that, depending on their location, could be touched by hundreds of people or more a day. Yes, cleaning regularly and thoroughly is a valid option, but what if there was a material that could be used that KILLED the virus, and you didn’t have to do anything to it? That material/metal exists – it is copper and copper alloys. The antimicrobial properties of copper have been noted since at the […]

  • LIncoln die and coin

    Osborne Coinage – A Legacy of Minting Success

    In Mint Condition Osborne Coinage strikes millions of coins, tokens, medallion and numismatic quality silver and copper rounds every year.  In the last century, politicians often relied on the company to produce the inexpensive coins they gave away on the campaign trail. Abraham Lincoln needed Osborne’s help as he wrestled with the beard-or-no-beard question in 1864, during his second presidential campaign.  “He couldn’t decide how he was going to run, with or without the beard, so he had us make two sets (of coin dies) showing him each way,″ Jeff Stegman, CEO,  said. Both sets of dies still sit in the company vault. Osborne also made campaign coins for eight other presidential […]

  • In Mint Condition

    PPB/December 2019/Factory Floor—Osborne Coinage Co.   In Mint Condition Osborne Coinage Co., America’s oldest private mint, continues to creates custom coins with a rich history and tangibility that have stood the test of time and tech.   By Danielle Renda   President Abraham Lincoln is arguably one of America’s most recognized and well-known presidents. This isn’t only because of his steadfast leadership during the Civil War and his progressive movement to emancipate slaves, or even that he was the tallest president to date, standing at six-foot-four inches; it’s because of his beard. Lincoln, who was also the first bearded president, had a distinct appearance that distinguished him from the other […]