Safety & Awareness

  • Caravan Facilities Management “Cleans Up” With Safety Coins

    (Cincinnati, OH) Keeping safety “top of mind” is important in any industry. For Caravan FM the challenge is heightened because workers are spread across more than 70  sites and are involved in a large variety of tasks. Despite the challenge, this Saginaw, MI  based facility management company has found an interesting way to develop a culture of safety that engages all employees while improving their safety metrics. Caravan FM is in the business of facility management. They are responsible for the cleaning and upkeep of many automotive and other facilities. They clean offices, machinery, facilities— you name it, and they’ve likely cleaned it somewhere along the line. In a nutshell, they handle all sorts […]

  • Digitally Colorized Safety Coins

    Osborne Coinage Company (Cincinnati, OH) is now able to print 4-color process directly onto a coin surface, allowing each individual safety coin to be customized or personalized with site-specific hazards, making them ideal for safety programs. With digital colorization, it’s possible to print readable QR codes, realistic color (including skin tones), gradients and fine lines onto coins. Logos and images, including faces and fine detail, can be clearly shown, and metal show-through is also an option. Colors can be matched exactly to a PMS number. Every colorized coin can be personalized with variable copy, such as individual names, or sequential numbering. Digital colorization is available on 39 mm (1.54-inch) coins […]

  • Mortenson safety coins

    Mortenson Celebrates Zero Injuries with Custom Coins

    Large-scale construction projects are inherently dangerous, even with proper safety measures in place. So, when companies complete these projects with zero injuries, it is cause for celebration. Minneapolis-based Mortenson Construction has found a way to celebrate this achievement and incent team-members to continue to practice safe behavior on future projects – personalized Safety Coins. As Safety Manager for Mortenson, Cody Davidowski knows first-hand how important it is to incent and then reward safe practices on the job site. He’s found some success with more traditional giveaways – hats, t-shirts, and other small tokens of appreciation. But he was intrigued with the idea of military coins, imprinted with the battalion or […]

  • Custom Coins Motivate Safe Practices in Plant-wide Safety Program

    Cincinnati, OH – Custom coins have proven to be an integral part of plant safety programs. Plant employees who are found to be operating safely are given a custom reward coin bearing the company logo on the front and a Safety message on the rear. After amassing a number of safety coins, employees can trade them in for other prizes. In addition to motivating individual safe practices, custom coins and medallions are also used to reward departments or whole plants for reaching Safety milestones (for example attaining a specific number of days without a lost-time accident).    Inexpensive tokens form the basis of continuity programs when they are used to reward […]