• Journey to Bethlehem a Tradition for Texas Church

    Cincinnati, OH – Nearby sounds of goats braying and cattle lowing are nearly drowned out by the din of commerce as visitors to the marketplace haggle.  Vendor and visitor spar over the price of earthenware pots and handmade leather satchels.  The next stall suddenly emits a puff of smoke and steam as sizzling kebobs – now deemed ready for sale and consumption – are removed from their grill.  The layered aromas from the grill blend with the sweet-smelling hay in an attempt to mitigate the pungent haze from an incense vendor several stalls to the left. The din of the marketplace – complete with shekel coins changing hands and being […]

  • Custom Coins Answer the Call for Church of the Nazarene General Assembly

      With their quadrennial General Assembly approaching, officials from Sunday School & Discipleship Ministries International (SDMI) at the Nazarene Global Ministry Center in Lenexa, Kansas, were looking for a giveaway that would be memorable, but not break the bank. They wanted to draw attention to the church’s mission – which, in a word, is discipleship – and they were searching for a tangible reminder they could give to General Assembly attendees visiting their booth. They wanted a token that would make people think “discipleship” each time they saw it. While it had to be memorable and effective, the memento also had to fit into a tight budget. Custom minted coins […]

  • Custom Coins Commemorate Church Groundbreaking

    The most important work carried out by Vaughn Forest Church is completed away from their physical location in Montgomery, Alabama.  But this church has been growing rapidly and needed to expand their facility to accommodate new members.  Naturally, when they broke ground for their new worship center, Senior Pastor Dr. Lawrence Phipps wanted to commemorate the occasion. So he had custom brass coins minted for the occasion. “Although there are behind-the scenes activities like preparing plans and gathering permits and approvals, groundbreaking is the first outward sign of the construction process” said Vaughn Forest spokesperson Robyn Wiggins.  “So we wanted to give members something to remember the day.” Wiggins sketched […]

  • Custom Coins & Key Chains Keep Small Class Graduates Grounded in Faith

    Cincinnati, OH – Participants who complete the Hope Church small group class entitled Faithful & True receive a tangible reminder of their accomplishment.  Pastor Steve Lizzio had custom coins and key chains imprinted which participants receive at the conclusion of the 13-week program on sexuality and the sexualized culture we live in.  The coins – built upon the tradition of “challenge coins” in the military service – help to create a sense of unit and cohesion with other class members.  Participants appreciate the gesture and even more so, the tangible reminder that they are not alone in their struggles. One of the group leaders, Paul Leland, who recently travelled to […]

  • Nativity School Lights the Way for International Visitors and Other Dignitaries

    Cincinnati, OH – The Church of the Nativity is a parish with a unique Catholic elementary school in the City of Cincinnati, with global ties through their international student exchange program.  School and parish administrators see international travel (and the hosting of exchange students) not only as a way to prepare students to participate in the global community, but also as a way to “light the way” for others through their God-centered daily activities.  Since the program’s inception in 1980, Nativity has worked with schools in 22 different countries to provide this global experience for their students.  Now, those students who visit this unique school from abroad take home rich […]

  • Are Custom Tokens a Better Incentive than Cash for Non-Profit Fundraising?

    Cincinnati, OH – While there is no secret formula that assures success in direct mail fundraising efforts, most non-profit managers would agree that there are some basic elements to consider.  There is the cover letter of course, the reply device and reply envelope, and typically a premium of some sort to reward or incent the respondent.  All of this is packaged into a carrier envelope.  Often the premium is cash – a quarter or a pair of dimes, maybe even a dollar bill.  In a tough economy non-profit fundraising is harder than ever – so there may be pressure to look at premiums.  Switching from cold hard cash to custom […]

  • Guardian Angel Coins Solidify Sunday School Message

      Cincinnati, OH – Parma Boyle knows the power of a good idea.  As the Director of Religious Education at Our Lady of the Lake Catholic Church in Cropwell, AL, Boyle is responsible for the “Sunday School” program for 150 students from kindergarten through 12th grade.  She understands that sometimes, after a full week of traditional school, some students would rather sleep in or play hoops, or “veg out” with a video game.  But a good idea can keep them interested, stir discussion – during and after class – and maybe even create new habits.  Above all, a good idea cements the lesson so that it is remembered long after […]