• Custom Coins Spread Motivational Messages and Provide Unique Introduction for Promotional Products Company

      Cincinnati, OH – Terry and Marilyn Peak developed a memorable, distinctive way to spread a motivational/inspirational message while promoting their promotional products company at the same time.   They had custom coins imprinted with their logo on one side as well as the message “Put the power in your pocket.  Feel the power in your hand.”  The reverse side of the motivational coin is imprinted with “Ask. Believe. Receive.” Everyone that they encounter receives a motivational coin. In just 6 weeks, the Peaks have passed out nearly 1000 of the 5000 bright gold coins that they purchased.  “They create conversation, they create thought, people are happy to have them,” says […]

  • Get Healthy Alt Tag

    Wellness Program Pays Instant Dividends for Metro Industries

    Cincinnati, OH – When Metro Industries in Wilkes Barre, PA launched their health awareness program they hoped that good things would happen.  But like any long-term, behavior-changing program, they figured that they payoff would be months – if not years – down the road.    “The goal is to incent people to adopt healthy habits” says Benefits Manager Kim Graham.  While that is indeed happening, the program has been extremely successful in the short term as well.  In fact, for at least one employee it was a real life-saver.  That’s because when the company arranged for a mobile ultrasound service to perform carotid artery and thyroid scans, one employee was a […]