• Custom Coins Draw a Crowd to Parker, CO Steakhouse

    Custom coins are alerting residents of Parker Colorado to the presence of Trapper’s Chop House, atop the local Holiday Inn.  But more than merely raising awareness, the coins with a $20 face value are drawing diners to the 4-star steak house.  Although the program is still in its infancy, Trappers is seeing repeat visitors – which is precisely what owner Tom McCann had in mind when he devised this unique marketing program. A Diamond in the Rough When McCann purchased the Parker Holiday Inn last October, he knew that Trapper’s, which occupied the top floor, held a 4-star rating.  What he did not know was what a well-kept secret this […]

  • Custom Coins for Restaurants, Bars & Nightclubs Provide Memorable Promotions for Free Drinks, Admission, Two-For-One Offers, and More

    Cincinnati, OH – Custom coins help restaurants, bars, nightclubs and other foodservice establishments break through the “marketing clutter” by providing memorable, trackable promotional campaigns.  These unique marketing tools can be redeemed for free drinks, free admission, two-for-one offers, dollars-off promotions and more.  Unlike paper coupons custom tokens have a high perceived value, so they are retained rather than discarded, thus delivering a marketing message each time they are seen in “pocket change.”  Custom tokens are an ideal promotional tool for restaurants, bars, nightclubs, and other foodservice establishments – from fast food to white table cloth establishments. They can be used as stand-alone promotional tools or used in conjunction with existing […]

  • Upscale New York Restaurant Dresses Up Gift Certificate Program with Custom Medallions

    Cincinnati, OH – Bobby Mallozzi has seen a lot of changes in the way that restaurants administer gift certificates over the years.  So when he opened the Brown Derby Restaurant in Albany, New York last year, he applied all of that knowledge to devise a unique gift certificate program using custom coins.  Even though the cost of the coins is greater than the traditional plastic swipe cards he’s used in the past, Mallozzi is thrilled with the results – and the excitement that the custom coins have generated. Not the Same Old Thing The Brown Derby is an upscale, white table cloth restaurant in Albany, New York which is affiliated […]