Awards and Gifts

Commemorate a significant occasion in a BIG way with Big American Medallions (BAM) or a Fine Silver Coin.  Either coin is a prestigious and memorable gift for donor recognition, sales awards or as a custom commemorative.

BAM Medallions

The extra large medallions contain up to 1/2 pound of solid brass. The size and thickness makes an outstanding impression. The rich antique finish highlights tiny details.

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Fine Silver Coins

Fine silver coins are available in either 1 ounce (1.54″ diameter) or 5 ounce (2.50″ diameter) size. Both sizes are struck between specially prepared  dies designed to show a frosted image and a mirror-like background. A truly beautiful and valuable coin commemorating an important occasion.

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The coin presentation can be enhanced with one of our display and/or packaging options, making a truly memorable gift.